Meet my buddy!

I love calling him as my best friend, because he never failed to bring some cheer in me! He deserves most of the credits , for making my childhood days, most nostalgic and memorable, that I always had the crazy desire to travel back to childhood days… Meet my pal, Oswald, the octopus!

How I met Oswald:

Let me make a point, clear here. He not only made my childhood beautiful, but for all the kids, worldwide! Thanks to POGO channel that I found a lovely friend! I met Oswald, probably when I was 2 or 3 I guess.That lovely title music which welcomes him, introduced him as , Oswald, the octopus! He’s from Big City, the city which looks so appealing, colourful and fanciful, and the people of Big City are so cheerful and amusing! He also has a pet dog named, Weenie, which is a faithful dog indeed! His extreme amicable nature, is what made me and him as best friends.

Oswald and the Big City people:

Who could actually hate Oswald when he’s so generous and friendly? Same as him, his friends are so good! Oswald’s friend Daisy, the flower, is such an enthusiastic one who enjoys everytime! Here comes Henry, the penguin, though so self-centred, he’s good as well! The momma butterfly and her baby Katrina loves Oswald so much since he’s so helpful! The two egg brothers , never hesitate to help anyone at anytime! What attracts here is that the designs of the buildings reflect the characteristics of that particular building, say, a plant store looks like a carrot! In this whimsical city where all the shops and buildings are so cute, same the people are!

Why Oswald is loved by all? :

Oswald, being known for his amicable nature, has abundance of generosity! Once, to celebrate the birthday of Katrina, the baby butterfly, he took lot of effort to bake a huge cake, where he had to blend a huge quantity of flour using a unicycle in a bathtub, he never got tired of working lot, unfortunately when he took the cake to the park, it sank in a pond! Oswald being depressed, his friends cheered him up with quick preparations of party and conducted the party in a grand scale! This shows that Oswald, as well as his friends, are sweet! He also built a separate garden for snails and a birdhouse! When stuck up in any problem, he never gets too tensed, rather he sings! Thus ending up, getting a solution to that problem! He also showed nothing is impossible, as , once he repaired the time which was stopped, that nothing was happening in the town! He brought back life , by repairing the big town clock! These could be few such things, why I love him and what he taught me!


Nobody could never befriend anyone who is so amicable, generous and lovely! Friends are really important in our life to make us happy, treasuring nostalgia and to learn different things in life! He stands as a quintessential of how to be happy and achieve things in life!

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