In Quest of that elusive unbreakable code .

I’ve been a software developer now for eleven years with a big company. We are not a software company but we produce software products that are sold to clients in our domain. It’s been eleven year across many teams, countries and products and i still have not found “unbreakable” software. We do all the right things, like clarify requirements, go over it with end users, build it and then do some manual and unit testing. However when it’s time to give to QA all hell breaks loose. Stuff breaks, emotions run high, people curse and then we get asked to look at our process etc etc etc. The cycle repeats and it’s the same wherever i go. Is it only unique to my company i wonder and how does one get to the point where something is unbreakable!!!

In search of that elusive code that is flawless. Is that even possible?? Perhaps someone has solved that. Will that super heroine please stand up!