A frightening thought; doesn’t it frighten you?

A thought which scares me, worries me, drowns me deep inside it. A thought which might seem trivial to many but it is cynosure for me.

What if life was not life and life was death!

What if green was called black and blue was called yellow? What if a Dove was called a Panther and a Gouldian Finch was called a Sea Lion? What if A was not Aa and A was Ba?

Everything which we see, believe, hear, consider as a fact might just be an assumption. An assumption which is taken as a base for proving facts? When facts, assumptions, right, wrong, correct, incorrect come into picture religion is a synonyms word for many. Exceptions we have them people, people like me who do not believe in god or goddesses. Well that’s not where we go, for now at least.

Be it the scripts, stories or anything for that matter of fact, no one from somewhere came and told us that this is how things are supposed to be, this is what you should be wearing or should not be wearing. It is we who made this, it is we who believe this; only we!

And, we aren’t the only galaxy, are we? 170 billion galaxies in the whole observable universe!

There might be life or might not be. If yes, they might have their things and ways as same as we do or completely different. And then one day, we come to know that there is a world, another world where human life is surviving but with everything completely opposite!

Wouldn’t we be going through existential crisis? A thought which leaves me flabbergasted!

Life doesn’t frighten me, my thoughts do!