Let her go

A conversation between two guys while crossing a road. They see a girl driving

Ayaan: (smirks) Let her go!
Creg : (laughs) Yeah! Let her go!

As you’ve rightly understood, we’ll be talking about driving, to be specific, we’ll be talking about girls or rather females driving on roads, highways, et cetera.

No! No! No! Wait.

I know the first thought which came to your mind. Oh common, there are bad drivers, male as well as female. Let’s not stereotype?

We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? From the ideology that females look perfectly beautiful only in kitchen to the progressive one that they look beautiful even at work. We’ve grown as a society! Cheers! But…

Females driving? We are still struggling with its acceptance, aren’t we? For a matter of fact a good percentage of us are.

Excuse me my ladies. But, I do agree the highest number of bad drivers compared on sexual basis are females. A wicked truth! huh!

But what if “she” is a good motorist? Let’s have a look!

A conversation between two guys after, they see a girl driving; superbly.

Vivaan: Dude, she drives awesome.
Kevin: She is definitely not a girl; she has good dexterity, she is a manly girl.

My question here is, why?

If a girl drives just as good as the male sex or even better, does she become a male? Can’t she belong to the female sex and still drive good. Is there really a need to identify her with the male gender? Do we need to name her in reference with the male gender, if she does not fit into the general femininity ‘slot’?

I do not come here to dictate or peruse you on who is better or who is not, I come here with one purpose and one thought.

Let them be marvelous female motorist if they are! Let them be themselves!

Let’s not be a hypothetical human race!

I will be driving a car soon and racing with the all those men who’ve challenge me and vice versa.

But, no sooner than a boy teaches me. *wink*

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