Why don’t you wax; gender equality!

Hot and sexy -Girls, Bold and Beautiful- Girls, Beautiful lips- Girls, Sexy short dresses-Girls, Clothing and accessories-Girls, Shorts- Girls, Waxed hands and legs-Girls! Come on give me a break Girls!

Whenever there is a girl or a lady out in a public place wearing a short western outfit or dress there are thousands of eyes looking at her. Looking at her waxed legs or hands! We have everyone staring at her, both men and women. I can somewhere understand and relate why girls and boys stare at those waxed legs. Maybe my inference is veracious maybe not; Girls out of envy and jealousy, boys out of physical desire and want.

Dear boys, men and gentlemen, Why don’t you give, we girls, women and ladies an opportunity to stare at your legs, your waxed legs. Come on, I am sure even you guys have hot and sexy legs. I am sure you guys want to create a knockout blow on us (we girls) the same way we do on you.

Everyone on earth in talking about equality, equal status, male-dominated society, feminists, gender discrimination, so on and so forth the list goes on. We have thousands of people wrangling, debating, fighting and having arguments over these words and issues.Let’s talk about boys waxing their legs, isn’t this equality?

Why not? Why not take things lightly? Why not see things from different perspectives and angles? Why not have a wrangle about boys waxing and showing off their sexy slim legs; gender equality!

Let’s squabble about this! Let’s squabble about, why don’t you guys wax?
Let something gay and juvenile betide!

A world from different lens!

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