#0: Social Housing! Do you need help digitally transforming?


The UK housing market is distorted. Britain is not the nation of home owners envisioned in the 1980s. Instead, private renting is ballooning. You need to be twice as wealthy as the average Brit to afford to buy, three times in London. As demand soars, pressure piles onto the UK’s social housing industry.

However, social housing is ill-placed to cope with its increasing importance to British society. Diminishing housing stock is old-fashioned and, with people living longer than ever, there is little tenancy churn. Systematic issues within the sector also remain a problem. Chief amongst these is the underuse of technology by social housing organisation to ease their time and cost burdens.
Future shifts are also on the horizon. These were in the works before the disaster at Grenfell. That fire highlighted two issues seemingly swept under the carpet; the vast gaps in our building regulations and wide spread corner-cutting amongst cash strapped councils.

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Now, in addition to falling rents, increased government oversight and reduced welfare, many tenants in social housings are preparing to be displaced as councils deal with property that is not safe for habitation.

No industry needs full-scale digital transformation more than the social housing sector. However, failings in this industry risks lives, paralysing decision making. This means few industries are as unprepared to be digitally transformed as social housing. That is why, over the next six weeks, we at ProArch UK are going to explore these causes and some solutions. Expect to learn:

  1. All about the roadblocks to digital transformation in social housing
  2. How to move your residents from being digital immigrants to digital natives
  3. How to get a proper grasp on your data and use it to create a foundation for future brilliance
  4. Why digitising your estate can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction
  5. How technology can support your workforce to be happier and more productive
  6. What external pressures the social housing industry is facing and why digitisation is the best response.

We will base every blog on our experience identifying problems, building strategies and delivering complete digital transformations in the sector, as well as world-class research and insights.

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