Blockchain Strategy Bootcamp and Georgia Drug Card on Georgia Business Radio

Blockchain Strategy Bootcamp and Georgia Drug Card on Georgia Business Radio

Joy McAdams, V.P. of Regional Relations
 United Networks of America | Georgia Drug Card

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Roop Singh, Founder Intuit Factory

Blockchain Practitioner | Speaker | Blockchain Digital Transformation | Blockchain Consulting | AI Enthusiast | Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Architecture
 Experienced business transformation leader, trainer, and speaker with demonstrated proficiency in:
 • Presenting Blockchain Strategy to Corporate Executives
 • Designing Blockchain Use cases and business models
 • Architecting Blockchain Solutions

Aligning strategy with processes to drive innovation
 • Dramatically improving business processes to increase revenue, reduce cost, deliver
 service excellence
 • Driving customer journey focused Outside — In processes
 • Propelling massive organization change

Who we are:
 A strategic blockchain business consulting and branding firm!

We are a multi-disciplinary team bringing in a diverse set of techniques, philosophies, and models to navigate your Blockchain journey. We are not your run-of-the-mill consulting firm. We combine deep business insight with an expert understanding of how this technology will impact and drive new business models. Leveraging our years of expertise in business process transformation, we now guide you on how to leapfrog into the future using Blockchain. Headquartered in Atlanta, USA we provide services internationally.

Topics to Discuss:
 The rise of Blockchain revolution, Is Blockchain an Opportunity, Threat or a Risk for enterprises?
 Our first of its kind Blockchain Strategy Bootcamp in partnership with Robinson College of Business.
 Why is it unique? Why should people attend this bootcamp? What will they get out of it?

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 Twitter — @Intuitfactory
 Facebook -

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