Business Authority Radio Episode 034

Page Hall
 Everything But The House — online estate sale auction company

Notes from Page Hall:
 -Everything But The House ( is the nation’s largest online estate sale auction company that provides the trusted, comprehensive service needed to empty a home due

to downsizing, divorce, death, relocation, or redecorating. Whether one needs to sell or is browsing to buy, EBTH offers everything from significant works of art and luxury cars and

jewelry to everyday household items including electronics and garage tools. It’s the estate sale of your dreams right at your fingertips!

- SPRING TIME is KEY to knowing about EBTH as many people want to hit the hot spring housing market and need to empty a home in preparation to list it or after they have a contract

on the house before closing

- PROS/CONS of various options including EBTH, traditional weekend estate sales, auctions houses, buy-out specialists, DIY (eBay, Craigslist)

Terrell Dinkins
 One Bucket Nation, publishing (author of new book “One Bucket at a Time: A Woman’s Guide to Creating Wealth”)

Notes from Terrell Dinkins:
 topics could tie in with Women’s History Month in March followed by National Financial Literacy Month in April
 why women should save differently from men
 creating multiple streams of income
 short-term, midterm, long-term and guarantee buckets
 protecting your buckets (through disability insurance, life insurance, wills and more)

Will Bearyman
 SilverHook Studios, Video & Film Production Company

Notes from Will Bearyman:
 How businesses are using video to close deals
 Using video in fundraising and capital raising situations
 How to pick the best production company for your business

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