Salaries will match value at some point – so either they were overvalued before or undervalued now…
Justin Vingelis

The point isn’t that players should be paid more than they’re worth. The point is that players already assume enormous physical risks when playing, and teams should not be able to be able to penalize players for getting injured. Additionally, as the article points out, if players are held off the active roster for non-health/performance reasons (pre-playoff rest, family emergency, conflict with coaches) they are penalized not for wrongdoing, but because it benefits ownership. The league committed to spending 47–48.5% of revenue on players in the CBA, they shouldn’t be able to backtrack on that because their players get hurt doing something innately dangerous. That’s why dangerous occupations have unions in the “real” world too. Yes the teams are acting logically within the rules, but that’s why the rules need to be changed.

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