How Capitalist Utopia Became Everyone Else’s Dystopia
umair haque

Rabbi Moshe and the other deployers of reductio in absurdum, i.e. socialism is defined as communism, i.e. “decides what you get to keep, if anything, leading to very few incentives to actually do anything useful or produce anything innovative.”

Balderdash! Germany’s Social Democratic Party under Willie Brand turned Germany around — ECONOMICALLY, while supporting the welfare state. Germany today is governed by a coalition with strong “socialist” principles. It also exports nearly the same as the USA, i.e. $1.5 trillion with a quarter of teh USA ‘s population, and without the tariff barriers that the USA (home of free market thinking!) has deployed.

“Socialism emphasizes the collective; Capitalism, the individual. which is why half the world wants to come here and not go to Socialist Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea etc.” Note the choice of the extremes. No mention of the millions who queue up to go to Germany and “socialist” Scandinavia.

Your observations, and those of Kyle A. and Marjan Kjurinov, are uninformed prejudice.

And, Kyle A., you are similarly totally ignorant about healthcare in Europe, or else deliberately misleading. Time you did some real research instead of sucking it out of your thumb. No-one dies in Western Europe because they can’t afford healthcare. In the USA the number is approaching 50,000 p.a., and it is the biggest single cause of personal bankruptcy. Not so in W. Europe.