Europeans want to break up with America. They'd do so at their peril
The Brookings Institution

Steeped in neo-lib jingoism this article has no substance. Criticising the pushback on TTIP was more of a rejection of that mentality which puts public services that perform really well in Europe, e.g. NHS, continental railways, into the possibility of private hands that would put profit (for shareholders before all patients/users) than it was a snub to the USA.

No Plan B for Europe? Culturally we accept refugees from MENA because we have Christian charity in our bones. What does the USA do? Economically,we have ourselves, much less in thrall to the Industrial/Military complex than the USA — as Eisenhower feared, and a subcontinental ally in India, which stands as a bulwark between China and Europe, and will be more cooperative and western-oriented economic ally, while the USA sheds it neighbours north and south.

As a political commentator, you, Brookings, have much to improve upon.