Tap Tap Boom

Sports betting has come a long way from when I was a kid.

I can remember being a seven-year-old, accompanying my dear departed Grandfather (illegally) into the local bookies of a Saturday morning. The nicotine-stained walls, the frenzied concentration of the grizzled old-timers working out their bets while looking at the form cards pinned to the boards on the wall, the squeak of the chalk on the board as the young apprentice marked up the latest odds for the next race.

My granddad would take his time to mark his tenpence lucky 15, studying the horses intently before grudgingly handing his slip over at the counter. If I’d been a good boy (and invariably I was), I’d be allowed to pick one or two tiny each way bets which he would write on another slip and place for me. We’d then go home to watch the races and I’d dream excitedly of what sweets I’d buy if my horse came in (which it invariably didn’t).

Gambling was a furtive business back then. Furtive punters who all looked the same and smelt of the same combination of stale cigarettes and booze; boards in the windows blocking out all natural sunlight and ensuring that the interior remained strangely mysterious to those who had never ventured inside. The only day things were different was Grand National day, when pretty much everybody in the local neighbourhood would roll in with their once a year bets — but in the main the bookies was like the snug in the local pub; full of smoke and the same regulars every day.

Most gamblers were like my granddad, wagering small accumulators and parlay bets, making small losses and smaller winnings. Occasionally there would be the big spender; they always seemed to have their shirts open halfway to their naval, have huge sovereign rings on every finger and a wad of notes they’d put on the counter on some nag, to the envious stares of the punters around them — but they were few and far between in my local bookies.

Nowadays, gambling is a very different business.

It seems that a commercial break barely goes by during a football match without Ray Winstone exhorting viewers to “bet in-play… now!”. We see odds flashed up on screen for the match in-play, incredible money-back offers to entice new punters along with the message that it’s easy to bet — it’s just tap, tap, boom.

The rise of the internet made it easier for the average punter to put a bet on whenever and wherever they wanted to. As the internet grew more sophisticated, so did the number of markets and sports available. Gambling went from being able to bet on matches that you knew about to being able to bet on any match, anywhere in the world — and is still evolving further with eSports being seen as the next big market for bookmakers to corner.

Punters have been gambling by phone for fifty years but until recently it was for the very serious gamblers — huge wagers and credit accounts ahoy. As mobile internet evolved from the wonkiness of WAP through GPRS to Edge and 4G, mobile websites could become more sophisticated. The rise of the smartphone allowed anyone to develop apps and bookmakers were quick to latch on, offering their customers the chance to place bets in-play, while they were watching the game, at the game.

For us at ProTipster, the challenge has been to match that evolution. As the market for live and inplay tips evolves, it’s important to us to make sure that our users can post and view tips absolutely anywhere, at the touch of a button. The ProTipster website has always been responsive and mobile-friendly but it still requires the launching of a browser and navigation to the site. What was needed was the next step in the ProTipster evolution — a mobile app.

The ProTipster mobile app means that with the touch of a button the information you need is now at your fingertips. Once your login details are registered, every time you launch the application it will take you to the latest tips — allowing you to quickly navigate and find the tip you want for the match you want, along with the user statistics of the tipster who has posted the tip. As the app evolves, it will be possible to post and buy tips on the app as well — which we hope will improve the chances of our users making money from the website.

Downloading the mobile app is easy — search for ProTipster on the Google Play store (sorry, we’re not on iOS just yet) on your phone or visit this link. Enter your user details and you too can find the tips for the sports bets you want, when you want them.