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The aim of this article will be to add Spring Actuator and Micrometer metrics to a Spring Boot application and connect this to Graphite and Grafana for easy storage and graphing purposes.

Spring Actuator provides your Spring Boot application with a variety of additional features to help you monitor and manage your application. Example endpoints that are provided out of the box are a healthcheck, database migration information, configuration properties, and much more.

Adding Spring Actuator to your project is as simple as including actuator in your pom.xml:


Micrometer is a custom metrics library (included by…

Aboard a military ship somewhere around the world, an order is given by a Captain to launch a missile to a designated target. The missile is launched, and ends up killing 8 civilians and 2 children. Who is to blame for these innocent deaths?

From an outside perspective, you may claim it’s the person that pushed the big red launch button. Or you may blame the Captain for ordering the sailor to push the button, or the person who ordered the Captain to make the order. …

Problematic event ticket

The current physical event tickets are broken. Whether it be a concert, sporting event, or festival, physical event tickets are bulky and filled with data the event-goer doesn’t need, while failing to provide information the event-goer does need. It’s time to re-design the event ticket in a way that is beautiful, filled with useful information, and convenient in size.

I was faced with this problem recently while purchasing a concert ticket. The printed ticket was much larger than a credit card, and therefore did not fit in my wallet. This led to anxiety about forgetting to put the ticket in…


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