An Open letter from Kerala.

Take some time out of your life and give this a read.

I’m writing this on behalf of every single person in kerala.

This is an open letter to the ones who came to help us, the superheroes who don’t wear capes and to the ones who amidst all this chaos tried to spread hate among the people in India.

To the Superheroes,

In the last few days you guys have done the impossible. From rescuing people who were stranded in the most toughest places to collecting the most needed items for the relief camps, each one of you who participated in it, no matter what age, caste or family or whereever you are from, you guys stood as one big family, one big team and executed this humongous task. A big salute to the fishermen, Indian army, navy, Kerala police, fire force, kseb people, CMOs office, regional officials, common people, filmmakers, actors and the district Collectors who lead the mission from the front. And not to forget, the online community! Within just one week, we turned Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram into online control rooms, where each one of our phones acted as a single control room unit, that verified and shared the help messages to the proper rescue teams and also the collection camp needs to everyone around the world. Also the techies whose sleepless nights efforts made it more easier to track people, they built websites where you could put help messages to which you will get responses at the right time, every helpline number, every location of the camp, the numbers you need to call when in need of any helps, all these were available at a single click. Even though we didn’t get any national media attention, we still got help from a lot of people from outside kerala, and also from around the world. To all those people, we will always be grateful to you and your families for the supportive hands you extended towards us. Once again the youth proved that we are not just a generation who eat and sleep on our mobile phones, but we can also do the relief camp duties, collection activities, online data management without even having to think twice. For the last one week, we all were humans, and I hope we will all be like this for the rest of our lives. This indeed is a special Onam for all of us, the one where we truly celebrated it without any religion or caste differences. My faith in humanity is totally restored ☺

Now to the people who spread hate, tried to separate us and wished that we keralites die.

Now listen, you try to spread hate, but we won’t give a damn about what you say because we are humans who have a heart. If u can’t do anything for us, why can’t u just sit down on ur safe places and just do ur daily job? Why do the most shittiest things? Now don’t u worry about us anymore okay ? Another thing, the people who didn’t help us or the states who didn’t even bother minding us; when something like this happens to you, we won’t be just standing there looking at your state and mocking you. We will come together and do everything possible to help you survive it and rebuild your homeland. Because, before we are all separated by the names of religions, states, nationality etc, at heart we are all humans. And when a crisis like this happens it’s our responsibility to act accordingly and help another fellow human being. We will remember what you did to us, but don’t worry we won’t do this shit to you, we will always be there to help you ☺

Now to end this, I wish to quote two things that I saw online today.

One was from Joseph Annamkutty Jose’s video which had a line

“Pralayam vithachath pranayam aanu”

Second one is from another Instagram post

“This is not God’s own country, this is humans own country ❤️”

Ipo chila Mathilukal nammal pwolichu, ath athe pole pwolinn thanne kidakkatte.

Together we proved we can survive this, now together let’s work towards rebuilding Kerala to a ‘New Kerala’ and when we are done, let’s celebrate it by having a plate of crispy Porotta and beef!


The Procaffeinator


Artwork by Nihas Ahmed❤️

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