Surviving Zombies in the Workplace

If there’s something strange in your work area…

Workplace Zombies

who are you gonna call??

Ghost Busters???

NOPE! Not when your problem is WORKPLACE ZOMBIES!

There’s zombies on the loose and they could be hiding out in your business… Have you seen any?

Instead of sucking brains, you’ll spot these workplace zombies (if you look closely enough) sucking out the morale, energy, productivity, profitability and fun from your organisation.

They might look just like everyone else at first glance, BUT they will be going through the motions; unresponsive, plodding, unambitious and single-minded.

Be aware! If you spot a zombie, you will need to act fast.

Workplace zombies are demotivated beyond comparison, and are highly contagious! They spread negativity far and wide, which in turn breeds more zombies.

Try to stop the first zombie you see in their track — before they encounter the rest of your team — or you could end up with an apocalypse on your hands!


Even the most engaged, bright and productive people can be zombified if they are exposed for too long to infectious conditions.

That means every member of your team is at risk — including you.


It might not be too late if you find a zombie or two.

Find out where they have been lurking in your business.

Ask yourself how deep the infection has set in and if you are prepared to fight for them. Will you attempt to treat their infection or terminate them?

If going for survival, you might want to follow the treatment plan below:

  • Assess the wounds
  • Understand / diagnose their problem
  • Remind them that they will infect everyone if they are not treated — and that infection is not acceptable
  • Tell them you’re rooting for them and will support them through their changes
  • Administer your cure and explain that although it could be uncomfortable and long-winded, the cure will save you all.

Your cure might involve communicating your big business vision, explaining where your people all fit into the big picture, assigning new responsibilities or giving a sense of value.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Once you have cured your zombie infestation, you might want to consider fumigating your organisation to prevent reinfection.

To do this, follow the plan for preventing future exposure below:


Infection is much more likely to take hold if the workplace conditions are less than perfect.

If people feel unimportant, helpless, untrusted, confused and out of control, disrespected or even misunderstood, then the risk of contamination will be heightened.

Remember: Actions to establish trust, purpose and team spirit will offer powerful protection against poor working conditions.

Once a team feels engaged, they will naturally serve your customers better, solve more problems, deliver higher quality work and be more productive — all of which provides a natural immunity to zombie infection.


Use the following weapons to prevent zombie infestation:

  • Set goals and identify responsibilities
  • Communicate openly and honestly with your team
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Reward and recognise the effort people make
  • Act as an example — be in the team with your people
  • Remove their barriers to getting work done

Before long, your workplace zombies will diminish and disappear. Fun, productivity and higher profits will be yours in no time!

Good luck.

Lead the charge against your zombies.

Rise above your fear and survive!

If you do want help in reviving your survivors, though, or to prevent infestation taking hold, give me a call on 01782 944014! or message me

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts… or zombies!


Mwaa Haaa Haaa Haaa *evil laugh*

Originally published at Process Clarity.

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