Reducing visual dissonance in double-headed interactions

At first glance, Codenames cards all look like they’re upside-down

Designing to the double-headed interface

We tested multiple configurations with potential users before deciding that standing across the table provided a sense of privacy without requiring an uncomfortable level of engagement.
Visualizations by Eugenia Lee
Pavel testing the hi-fidelity prototype with a veteran Macys salesperson

The Texas Hold-em Revelation

Playing cards can be seen from both directions, and players never get confused.

Applying the pattern to the digital interface

In our final version, the upside-down text is now hidden from the end user on the cards, which can be manipulated by either party.

The Codenames redesign

I am grateful to my teammates on Team Aria for the lessons they taught me during our project with Google. Eugenia Lee, April Hsuan Yang, Ramya Mallya, and Pavel Samsonov.



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