Confused Why Donald Trump’s Message Is Resonating?
Benjy Boxer

“When you look at the staggering difference between an average income for a college educated American versus a non-college educated American, you can start to see the value of an education (and why Bernie Sanders and the DNC now support making college more affordable to give everyone a chance at success).” OK, education is good. It would be good for the country and our society to make college/university education free for everybody who wants to go, while raising the standards for graduation/certification. That has nothing to do with the level of inequality we see. The Walton heirs, six people, have as much wealth as the bottom 40%, 120 million people. They did not earn it, although a couple of them work at the company. I believe they are all college-educated, but that has nothing to do with how they got that much money. They got it the usual way. They inherited it. Bill gates is a college dropout. Steve Jobs was a college dropout. Sheldon Adelson is a college dropout. These guys don’t rake in more in a year than Lichtenstein because of their educations. Education is good. I want to see more of it, but it’s not going to help our inequality problem at all. Most PhDs are not getting paid many millions of dollars a year, so the story about the education gap is irrelevant.

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