The Rants of a homosexual Teen

So the easiest way to start is by introducing myself. I’m Franklin I’m 16 and maybe most importantly I’m gay. I am also unfortunate to go to an all boys school in an average town in England. You may have thought that this may have been a paradise or a haven for me but I can assure you that it is most certainly not. In my honest an humble opinion this is one of the worse places in the world. One of the few things that make this bearable are my best friends in the whole entire world. These people, who for the moment will remain nameless, are the lights in my life that force me to keep going.

As a gay boy/man I seem to get on better with girls than boys. I think partly because most boys at this age are complete twats who deserve to be shot but girls on the other hand seem to be more accepting, loving and caring. They seem to want to make sure your still there, want to talk to u instead of completely ignore you.

My school work is alright, I have just finished my mock GCSEs which the school has set which in my opinion was way too hectic and stressful with it being the first week back after Christmas and that for most days, we had 3 exams back to back which was horrific.

So that was my first blog and that’s me signing off.