Case study of a product which helps accountants to work on their finances from anywhere, anytime

Prodextra Systems build a product for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises which helps them in Easy Online Accounting, Invoicing, Easy Sharing, Bank and Credit card transactions, Contacts and Inventory etc

The tech team at Prodextra Systems came up with a product which offered the following set of features.

Easy Online Accounting

Keep track of your daily financial activities. Track where your money is coming from and going out quickly. You can login from anywhere, anytime


Customize and send invoices for payments and record bills and expenses.

Easy Sharing

Let your accountant, financial adviser or employee have access to your data by sharing or delegating the accounting duties to them. You can set different permission to different users.

Make Quick Decisions

With a glance of the dash board you can quickly understand what is working and what is not working with your business? The insightful reports available in the software makes it easy for you to take quick decisions.

Multiple platforms

Accounter live has been developed across multiple platforms including andriod, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc so that mobile users of various platforms can get all their financial information in their finger tips.

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