Gluten? Where?

Here’s the deal, this post is all about exploring new products, and in this case testing out a potentially new lifestyle. As I am sure you all know there is a gluten free craze going around. My mom continues to tell my father and myself that we should try a gluten free diet to help with our allergies. We always brush her off and nonchalantly say, “Eh, maybe next week,” or “Sure, right after you.”

But I decided maybe it was time to give it a try. I mean, it couldn’t hurt right?

Luckily for me, my father’s birthday was right around the corner, which created the perfect time for me to test a new gluten free recipe. He always prefers that we bake him a cake from scratch rather than buying a cake from a bakery. So I went to Whole Foods and picked up a Glutino Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix.

I have to say its a super easy recipe, a total of five ingredients including the cake mix. It took me about five minutes to prepare the batter. I might continue to buy this cake mix simply because it is so easy to make. After the cake was finished baking, I iced it with a simple homemade recipe: powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk. Honestly, I have no idea the measurements, I just guess and wing it.

My dad doesn’t like too much frosting or decorations, which really takes the fun out of baking if you ask me. Anyways, there is this tiny part I forgot to mention to you. My dad has no idea this is a gluten free cake, and he thinks this is one of the ordinary boxed cake mixes from the store.

So we sit down after dinner, bring him his cake and sing happy birthday. I give him a smaller piece just to start with.

And guess what?!?!

He dug in for a second piece! I couldn’t believe it. After he went for the second one, I told him it was gluten free. Now he couldn’t believe it.

It looks like our family has been converted. This was a delicious cake mix, and it was so easy to make it. True to its name, the cake had a deep, rich, and decadent chocolate flavor. Though the flavor was rich, it seems like a flexible recipe, one that I could easily use in any chocolate based cake. I already have ideas of the next cake recipe I want to try like a chocolate coconut cake.

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Originally published at on March 15, 2015.