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At Product Hunt Toronto we strive to highlight great local products disrupting existing industries (and creating new markets). One industry that has been of interest to Toronto’s Product Hunters for a long time is Healthcare. Indeed, North American healthcare system needs disruption badly. While putting together the event we discovered a lot of healthcare tech startups in the city. What we didn’t realize until the day of the event is the tough problems local entrepreneurs are tackling.

Event started with a talk from the CEO and Co-Founder of Opencare Nikolai Bratkovski who covered all things product and growth.

Keynote Speaker: Nikolai Bratkovski, CEO and Co-Founder of Opencare


We had 3 incredibly unique healthcare startups demonstrate the state of disruption this industry is undergoing.


Akira provides on-demand access to Canadian doctors by secure text and video. Take out your phone, press a button, and talk to a doctor immediately who can diagnose, write prescriptions, order tests, and refer to specialists. They’re on a mission to make high-quality healthcare accessible to all of humanity.

Product Hunt Toronto community has a special offer from Akira. Get a free month if you register here.

Dustin Walper, Co-Founder and CEO of Akira


Meta is an AI that continuously maps and monitors the universe of science, as well as its future horizons. At the heart of Meta is the world’s largest scientific Knowledge Graph, an extensive and evolving network of researchers and entities that together form the universe of scientific knowledge. Meta’s mission is to organize and deliver the world’s scientific and technical information.

Elizabeth Caley, Co-Founder and COO of Meta

Sage Care

Sage makes it really easy for families to get a great home care professional for their aging loved one. Families can text Sage and a qualified care professional who has passed Sage’s rigorous screening is matched with the request. All of our care professionals are armed with our mobile app which let’s them know everything they need to provide great care. Their mission is to make aging in place possible.

Vanessa Lee, Co-Founder of Sage Care

#ProductBrag: 10 seconds to brag about your Healthcare product

#ProductBrag underway

For the last few events, #ProductBrag has been an enormous hit! With such a short time frame and so many great local products, it is impossible to showcase them all. However, we don’t want them to go unnoticed! Therefore, companies and individuals working on healthcare products have 10 seconds to wow the crowd and let everyone know what they are working on! Let’s take a look at some of the companies.

RightBlue Labs

RightBlue Labs is the creator of Logit, an intuitive wellness monitoring system that helps identify precursors of burnout, illness, and injury in high-stress environments.


RightBlue Labs uses an AI algorithm that has predictive capabilities tailored to each person’s well-being. The Logit system takes substantially less time (> 1 minute) to fill out compared to other patient monitoring systems.

Fun Fact:

The idea behind the Logit system was inspired by Co-Founder Ronen Benin’s experience as a competitive swimmer after he identified there’s a distinct correlation between his quality of life, mental state, and overall performance.

Dash MD

The Dash MD mobile platform provides patients with the tools and resources they need to successfully traverse their road to recovery after a visit to the emergency department.

Patient Engagement: Competitors of Dash MD pride themselves on the fact that they facilitate communication between patients and providers. Dash MD does not do this. The emergency department is a hectic and fast-paced environment. If providers were tasked with communicating with patients outside of the hospital through software, they would be taking away time and energy they need to be spending on patients currently in hospital. Instead of building a bridge between the patient and the provider, they provide the patient with tools and information that is specific to each of their hospital partners and unique to each condition a patient is discharged with. They pride themselves on the fact that they require limited provider involvement in their solution.


Co-Founder, Zack Fisch, had a bad experience with the emergency department a few years ago. He broke his leg while playing ultimate, was rushed to the emergency, and upon being discharged didn’t understand what he was supposed to do in order to take care of himself. The result was him developing a complication with the cast put on his leg, which resulted in compartment syndrome and the potential (but thankfully not realization) for loss of limb. The team at Dash MD understand the patient perspective, and build their product with a patient-centric point of view.


Agent+ is a medical billing app built by doctors that allows mobile doctors to bill securely in less than 30 seconds from anywhere, anytime, right from their smartphone.


They are the first secure, native mobile billing solution that lets mobile doctors integrate seamlessly their billing into their daily workflow, freeing them from weekend and after-hours administrative overhead.

Fun Fact:

The medical billing market is worth $11 billion in Ontario alone.


For hospitals that are increasingly responsible for surgical outcomes and healthcare costs, SeamlessMD provides a patient engagement and clinical intelligence solution that enhances the patient experience, improves surgical outcomes and lower costs.


Most companies in the patient engagement space are focused on chronic disease management — instead, Seamless MD focuses on an untapped but huge market in surgery!

Fun Fact:

Their team loves learning from each other. They end each week on Friday with a “Lightning Talk” delivered by a different team member each week, where they share a topic, hobby, or other activity with the rest of the team. Lightning Talks in the past have ranged from learning about the Ebola virus to learning to make pizza dough!

Eve Medical

Eve Medical is a Toronto-based medtech startup dedicated to designing and delivering better healthcare experiences for women. They are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, designers, business people, researchers and women’s health advocates.


Eve Kit is Canada’s first at-home screening kit for HPV and STIs. Their goal is to enable women to be proactive about preventing cervical cancer and pelvic inflammatory diseases — from the convenience of home. Their industrial design roots has given us a particular focus on collaborative development and beautiful, functional design. Routine screening doesn’t have to be a “necessary evil”!

Fun Fact:

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) used to be called Venereal Diseases (VDs), a term which derives from Veneris, or Venus, the Roman goddess of love. While the team at Eve Medical wants to prevent STIs, they are still strong advocates for love. :)

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