Viral video marketing strategies

So you want your video to go viral…. but you know nothing about viral video marketing strategies. No problem. You’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top five viral video marketing strategies that you can utilize RIGHT NOW to improve your video’s chances of going viral.

Use strong copy in the video title.

The importance of strong copy in both the video title and description is probably one of the most important viral video marketing strategies we can discuss. Without compelling copy, your viewers won’t be interested in watching your video. It’s that simple.

If you’re making a product video, consider address the pain points of your product. What problem does your product or service solve for the consumer? What do you most want your viewer to now about your video?

Keep your video short and concise.

Your video should be short and concise. People on the internet, especially on social media, have very short attention spans. If you want them to watch your video and share it, they need to be willing to sit through the video in its entirety. The shorter the video, the more likely the view will be to watch.

We recommend keeping videos somewhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Develop a video marketing plan.

Don’t leave your video marketing to chance. Develop a clear marketing plan with obtainable goals. Be sure to ask questions such as, “Who is my target audience? Where can I best reach my target audience? What websites and social media platforms does my target audience most use?”

Time your release appropriately.

Timing is everything. Be sure to time your video correctly. For example, videos that have the most marketing success are typically released on Mondays and Tuesdays. You’ll also want to make sure to time your video release in the afternoon. Releasing a video, say, at midnight, could have detrimental effects on the virality of your project.

Don’t be afraid to ask for shares.

Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to share your video. Seriously. Your friends and family want you to succeed, so be sure to take advantage of their help. Also, be sure to pinpoint organizations, groups, and clubs that might have a special interest in sharing your video. For example, if your video is about a new type of tennis racket, than local tennis clubs might have a special interest in sharing your video.

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