Announcing the biggest software entrepreneur school in India — #PNgrowth

By Sairam Krishnan

India’s product startup ecosystem is at an exciting stage right now. There are several startups who are being talked about as unicorns, several others which are bring touted as the next big things, and a whole host of others who are in their infancy. Though India’s metres are the ones driving this revolution-in-a-bottle, smaller cities are also catching up.

One reason for the emergence of these companies has been the inspiration that India’s first product startups have been. These were the trailblazers, the ones who went where no one had gone before, and learnt things by making mistakes, and in some cases a lot of them.

And these are the companies that are now going one step ahead. They are coming together, of their own accord, to help India’s growing product companies who are at a particular stage of their lifecycle — the growth curve.

iSPIRT is happy to present to you, in association with Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Duke’s Fuqua Business School, a new initiative for India’s growth-stage product startups. We call it PNgrowth, under the now-familiar Product Nation banner.

What are we doing?

PNgrowth is a year long mentorship program with some of India’s top product people and founders, with learning sessions and curriculum prepared in collaboration with the universities of Stanford, Harvard and Duke.

The program, prepared with some of the best minds in business and academia, is aimed at equipping the new age internet entrepreneur with an understanding of every skill he/she needs to build and scale a world class organisation.

Who is eligible?

Applications are now open. The program is open only for growth stage companies and is limited only for 200 entrepreneurs. The companies can be either B2B or B2C, but they will need to have already achieved product-market fit and must be aiming to become category leaders in their space.

We’ve started receiving applications here, and you can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep abreast of everything that’s happening.

What’s the program schedule?

The program will start in January 2016 with a 3 day residential event in Mysore, where everyone will get together to learn how and what they are going to learn and implement in their companies in the course of the next year.

Applications are due by November 15th, and we’ll also be having Selene Delecourt and her team over in Bangalore in August in order to understand the challenges starts are facing and what kind of help they might need. You can reach out to us to participate in that as well.

You can see the entire program schedule here.

We are super-excited about this, and so are the mentors we have brought together for the program. We have here a sneak peek from Pallav Nadhani, CEO of FusionCharts who is telling you why you should be applying to #PNgrowth.

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