Your Website is Your Key Sales Executive

How well can you give the elevator pitch on your company? Is it always exactly the same, or does it depend on your audience? Do you know the parts that get people excited or leave them hanging to know what’s next?

Chances are if you love what you do, you probably have this system down pat. Now what if you are given the opportunity for visuals? What would you show pictures of? What colors would you use? How would you hook someone to buy your product immediately?

The Pitch

Now this about your website in this light. Your website’s key job is to sell. Just like a great salesperson, your website should be smart, shiny, and trustworthy to make your product (or service) as desirable and accessible as possible. It should pitch coherently in the way people like to hear about your product and not be cumbersome. Follow your website from homepage to buying a product and see how much text you had to read. If you were selling aloud would you ever use this much description? Are you using enough information and answering all the questions you might get asked? Are you placing information in a way that a user can pull into learning more as opposed to it being pushed on to them? Remember every time you say too much, you will lose interest from people. When you tell them to learn more on another page, you take them away from your main pitch. How can you control that as best as possible?

The Consistency

With a big website (and multiple platforms), it’s easy to lose consistency in your messaging. With all the extra dimensions of color, video, and symbols over a typical salesperson, it’s easy to go astray. Keep a core set of information, colors, symbols, etc. that you can draw through different systems, rather than trying to redesign/ recreate each message each time. It’s better to be a bit repetitive than trying to be unique in each place. People will know they get it as opposed to wonder if they know what’s going on.

The Networking

Just like a good sales person, your website has to get out there and be seen. If your sales person is sitting in their cubicle, they aren’t doing their job. If your website isn’t constantly networking, it’s the same loss. Your website should be discussing it’s relationships, ideas, strategies with other websites, as others should be with you. Links back and forth between your site and others increase your visibility, SEO, and everything else wonderful for you. You aren’t going to get traffic on your website unless you are getting out there and driving it in. Sure ads can work and are nice because they are measurable, but keeping your company relevant is the most valuable thing you can do. Constantly put your name out there and find reasons to let people know why you are connecting.

The Performance Based Salary

Just like a great salesperson, a great website will require resources. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it! How do you know how well your salesperson is doing? Do you see how much opportunity they create and how much they sell? As you put resources in to your website, ask yourself how it will improve customer acquisition all the way to the close.

The Close

Want to make a sale? Keep the process on your terms. If you have a contact us or inquiry button, make sure you have a clear process for what happens next. A free call or email from you is pretty great, so be sure to have a direction of a next step as you work through their needs!

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