Sustainability Through Smart Software

By: Kyle Dahl, Productive Edge Business Analyst

The focus for sustainability has recently shifted from physical solutions to smarter software. While material solutions — such as hydroelectric dams, windmills and solar panels — have facilitated sustainability efforts over the past few decades, process optimization through software has also become a primary driver in sustainability. Modernizations like the internet, grid computing (or parallel computing), and virtualization evoked enormous progressions to what we now know as “cloud computing”.

Cloud computing is the distribution of processing resources through a shared network via the internet, allowing companies to expand their computational capacity to levels previously unheard of. With more resources to utilize, businesses can develop and implement more efficient software.

Better software influences companies beyond the typical software pioneers like Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon to innovate new ideas. Industry leaders such as UPS (United Parcel Service) and Big Belly also benefit from having more proficient software. Let’s examine two products developed by these companies to see how they impact sustainability.

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