The Value of UX: Get the Right Gift for My Mom

User Experience is the umbrella that encompasses all things related to the interaction of a brand (in our case, digitally) with its users. Almost every criticism of an app relates to a UX issue: “The application is too slow.” “I don’t understand where to click.” “I can’t read. The font is too small.” “I don’t like the way this page looks.” “I’m always on my phone, but the site isn’t responsive”… the list goes on.

When approached the right way, UX is a philosophy that, in practice, pins all decisions about the products and services being created to users’ needs. This requires knowledge about who our users are and what they need. Answering those questions is much easier said than done because our assumptions and biases often impede the quest to uncover those answers. The good news is that user research can help put our assumptions and biases aside and provide concrete, data-driven answers to these two difficult questions.

Below, I will explain the value of user research and how it aids in defining who our uses are and what they need. I will also explain how user research affects three very important aspects of business:

  1. Increasing sales (or any other key metric your company associates with success)
  2. Decreasing costs
  3. Creating more satisfied customers and loyal brand advocates

To illustrate, let’s say you’re buying a gift for my mom…

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