McGregor vs Mayweather WILL Happen, but the Irishman has already won.

The billion-dollar fight is going to happen — mark my words. With all of the headlines that are breaking as of late, it seems as if we’re inching closer and closer to that mega fight that everybody wants to see. Dana White and the UFC present a major hurdle in getting this deal done, you say? Stop it! There will be hundreds of millions of dollars to go around for all three parties. The UFC also gets the benefit of having their name attached to the biggest fight in the history of both sports. The only question that needs to be answered at this point is who will win?

The UFC double champ is currently a massive underdog in the future mega bout. Pundits, fighters, and fans alike believe that the 49–0 Floyd Mayweather will make light work of the MMA star in the boxing ring. They’re all wrong — the Irishman has already won.

McGregor has absolutely nothing to lose. He’s already positioned himself to hold the cards over the UFC, Mayweather and his finances. Does he want to knock Mayweather’s head into the bleachers as he recently stated? Yes, but getting his hands onto that $100 million paycheck is the real win. It’ll take THREE UFC fights (without a loss), to get close to that number for Mcgregor. That’s not an easy task. He knows, Dana White knows it, and Mayweather understands that this fight is his only shot at one more big check before riding off into the sunset.

So what happens in the actual fight? If McGregor loses the match — so what? Everyone will say he didn’t stand a chance against the greatest boxer of all time in a one-off boxing match. If he wins? My god, if he wins — there won’t be a bigger star on the planet! There will also be another $100 million waiting for him in the Mayweather/McGregor rematch.Can the double champ pull off a double win vs Mayweather in the Billion Dollar Fight? McGregor will be loose with no boxing legacy to protect, a fresh 100 million in the bank and a hammer for a left hand. That makes him an extremely dangerous man. Mayweather, on the other hand, has everything to lose…. a legacy, a winning streak and his pride. In life, when it’s go time, those that succeed are relaxed and confident. An example of this is like that old saying, it’s easier to get a new job when you already have one.

So with all of this being said its clear that no matter the outcome inside the ring it’s evident there’s already clear winner.


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