Do you perform a weekly review?

A weekly review might be the single best way to get clear on your commitments. You can identify your ‘open loops’ and get them into a trusted system. This leaves you with a clear mind and no more of those nagging doubts that you’ve forgotten something.

So, if it is this effective, why don’t more people devote a small amount of time each week to reviewing their progress?

In this post, I will detail the process I use and the traps into which I’ve fallen while consolidating this habit.

Do you feel overwhelmed by…

I recently received an email from Dr Eric Benchimol telling me that he had cited The Productive Physician in his recent publication. [1] It turned out he was referring to an academic publication in Gastroenterology.

Although flattered to feature in such a prominent academic publication, I was also intrigued.

Which brings us back to the question: What is an Academic Athlete? Also, how & why did a couple of doctors publish an article about personal productivity in the highest ranked journal in their field? [2]

I reached out to Eric and his co-author Dr Richard Keijzer to ask these questions…

Productive Physician

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