7 keys to delegate a task successfully

Here are 7 keys to delegate well :

Delegating is not :

– Getting rid of painful tasks

– Deserting and not feeling concerned anymore

– Removing all sense of responsibility about the task you delegate

Delegating is on the contrary :

1- Think win-win

– For yourself : save time and stay focused on the main part

– For your colleague : develop his/her skills and gain autonomy

– For both : encourage two-way collaboration

2- Commission

– Take time to explain, to give the necessary information about the task

– Give importance and value to the mission to achieve

– Share goals and steps to reach them

3- Assign the right means

– Provide the tools and authority required to carry out the task

– Set a reasonable deadline

– Do not request your colleague for a new task as long as the current one is not finished

4- Trust

– Give freedom to your colleague and let him/her achieve the task his/her own way

– Keep your distance without moving off the grid

– Be patient

5- Keep in touch

– Remain available, tuned to your colleague like a coach, not like a boss

– Review together the progress of the work regularly

– Keep an eye without policing !

6- Give and receive feedback

– Evaluate the results of the mission in a constructive way

– Make an assessment of strengths and weaknesses

– Pay attention to your colleague’s feedback

7- Reward

– Congratulate your colleague for the quality of his/her work

– Highlight it publicly

– Motivate him/her for next delegation 😉

Originally published at www.productivity-at-work.com on July 8, 2015.

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