Peeter Meos, Data Science Lead

Small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) don’t know what they don’t know and that’s okay. Because nobody else knows either.

Everyone’s talking about the hype cycle for generic IoT platforms for the manufacturing business. Everyone seems to be doing it, too, and there is a palpable fear of being left behind. However, after a little investigation, the situation is naturally more nuanced.

SMEs and risk aversion

There are industry giants like Siemens leading the way with strong implementations of their digital strategies. But the true backbone of the manufacturing world, SMEs, are believing the larger narrative yet simultaneously trying to…

“Optimising manufacturing is an ongoing process with complex data analysis at its very heart. Modern manufacturing processes produce data at almost every stage, with information available from sensors, machinery management systems and business infrastructure systems; the inevitable need to analyse all this data efficiently can be extremely draining on resources. Processing terabytes of data with the aim of reducing costs, improving quality and increasing the overall efficiency of an operation will almost certainly require automation.”

Tähve Lõpp, Business Development

Proekspert believes the best approach for continuous optimisation in the IoT era, is automated learning from manufacturing data streams. Using state-of-art…

Marko Sverdlik, Leader and Partner at Proekspert

I have a dream. A dream about the Estonian state as a flagship of state-of-the-art leadership and operations. A state where every citizen feels involved and significant. Where they feel a part of something bigger and more important in which they have their own role. A role that answers their calling. A role in which they are the best. In which they are trusted and honoured. In which they create useful things that contribute to progress in society.

Such a dream may seem quite distant and unattainable. It is indeed distant, but not unattainable. We needn’t change the whole system…

Robert Filic, Data Science Lead at Proekspert

“Imagine having a convenient, transparent and secure way of getting around the cities of the world. Free of passes, tickets and coins. No wrangling with price lists and timetables. Well, there’s no need to imagine: the technology is already here!”

A seamless transport system needs a seamless payment solution — The technology is here, and according to leading figures in the city planning sphere, it needs to roll out fast! We take a look at the benefits of a contactless payment solution for users, municipalities and city infrastructures worldwide.

In the tech world the standard approach is to develop first, and protect later — here’s why that model is both wrong and dangerous.

In this era of cyber attacks and ransomware, security is on everyone’s mind. We tend to rely on platforms, frameworks, and cloud-providers to ensure the security of our information, but can we really trust these solutions?

At Proekspert, we always say that putting a powerful lock on a paper door won’t make a cardboard house secure. Indeed, this is the perfect metaphor to describe the approach widely used today. Perhaps it is high time we reinvent our approach to cyber security.

When it comes to security, countless companies will try to sell you a one-fits-all solution. Their offer might be…

A company creating digital products for the future needs to approach the task with a completely new set of tools. It needs to break away from systems of the past, reliant on structured methods. It needs to embrace an attitude, a mentality for progression, or an ethos that captures the spirit of a shared vision for the world of tomorrow.

Today most of us have an idea of how the future may look, and some of us know when specific innovations might start changing the game. There are those that fear the inevitable progression and its consequences; there are those…

From common sense baby steps to sophisticated data science: how to protect revenue by avoiding customer churn.

Data means revenue

Two-thirds of “very successful” companies use marketing automation (MA) systems extensively, according to a recent study. That is perhaps to be expected. But here’s a surprise: More than a third (37%) of companies achieved best-in-class status with just limited use of MA.

But despite MA being an obvious tool, and despite research to show that a higher percentage of companies in high revenue tiers use MA, less than half of companies are actually using it.

Sometimes using data is difficult. Companies have massive…

Proekspert’s data scientist Martin Lumiste’s presentation at this year’s Robotex conference explored the future of robots and AI.

Recent advances in the field of machine learning have brought artificial intelligence technologies to the limelight. Self-driving cars, package delivery robots and automatic checkout registers at grocery stores have left people wondering if automatization is the inevitable outcome of every profession.

In this talk, Martin Lumiste from Proekspert discusses the notion of strong and weak AI, how autonomous systems work, where the field of machine learning is heading towards and how this is going to affect the job market of all specialists ranging from construction workers to NASA engineers. The claim is made that building new wealth redistribution channels remains the biggest obstacle ahead in the forthcoming age of AI.

Agile Coach: Scrum is Not the Messiah

“Scrum too often provides answers to the wrong question, says our agile coach Vaiko Hansson. If you want to be agile, set aside Scrum for a moment and consider the bigger picture.”
— Vaiko Hansson, consultant to Proekspert

Since the Agile Manifesto was first published in 2001, companies have sought to become agile, and Scrum has become the most applied framework for agile software development. Over a thousand books have been published about Scrum, leading many to believe it’s the fast track to agile.

But Scrum is no silver bullet. Focusing too much…

Mixed reality applications and business verticals for smart glasses

For some time now Proekspert has been following the development of the mixed reality industry. So far we’ve shared our insights with you about the general trajectory of this revolutionary new tech.

In this post we will talk about the potential applications and business verticals offered by seven different popular mixed reality smart glasses (MRSG). The seven MRSG that we will be looking at are currently being sold, or are available for pre-order, on the market.

Market Overview

For the most part the augmented reality industry is still in its early development phase…


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