It’s not for you to decide what kind of intellectual or academic work has purpose, and what…
Maria Bustillos

It is a shame you fail to understand the nature of the market.

This is capitalist. The reason you can do what you wish is that you are able to expend your own money.

Your implication however is centralised state force. You imply that you have a “right” to do whatever you choose and the world be damned. That you have a right to research anything and be paid for it.

And no, this is a tragic world, one of scarcity.

Here is the flaw in your otherwise fallacious argument, you espouse taking from others by force. There is no other alternative as nicely as you posit the lie that is is not a goal you seek.

You state how we have a right to what we seek and then in the same breath you state how others do not. That as a libertarian, you cannot have what you seek. So, this is you may do as you desire as long as it is what I say is right!

Your utopia is a socialist hell.
Take your lies and your force and your hypocrisy elsewhere.

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