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Education is timeless.

Podcasts are new, exciting, and increasingly popular ways of learning.

Do educational podcasts exist? Yes, but why aren’t they more widely used?

Today, we’ll be looking at how this medium of communication can more effectively be used by students and teachers alike. Meanwhile, we introduce a new open educational resource — the Classic Management Murder Podcast Series.

Why aren’t podcasts used more widely in Higher Ed?

Their main reason is this:

The focus is on synchronous meetings — what we mean by this is that education at every stage has relied heavily (even during the pandemic) on learning in an environment where the student and the…

Create, Write, Provide Your Own

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The internet has been disrupting the education sector since its advent and continues to do so.

From The Open University to Massive Online Open Courses (known affectionately as MOOCs) and now Open Educational Resources (OER), the world wide web has been empowering teachers and students alike for many years.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the teaching profession has had to adapt, shifting near-seamlessly to “Remote Teaching” and/or “Hybrid Teaching”. …

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Leadership is a diverse phenomenon. When it comes to precise definitions, a hundred people would come up with more than a hundred different concepts regarding leadership. Despite its ubiquitous diversity, it can be characterized by someone’s abilities to empower others on an individual, organisational, or community level. In other words, it is a way of directing colleagues or followers in an organization towards specific goals to cope with the customers’ and companies’ needs. Within the health and social service sector, a newly qualified practitioner with no formal leadership position may as well undertake leadership roles, such as in a team…

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This article reviews A History of Management Thought by Morgen Witzel, a graduate textbook on organization and management theory. We will undertake a brief explanation of what the term management meant from the beginning of humanity to the present day.

Still, the problems in its history are the apparent faults and ‘holes.’

This book moved me by its effort to “plug in the hole” by posing a debate on the power structures of early capitalism, to criticism of contemporary management theory generally.

About the Author

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Keestra’s (2017) academic essay Metacognition and Reflection by Interdisciplinary Experts: Insights from Cognitive Science and Philosophy should be considered a must-read, but the very nature of the essay makes its content relatively inaccessible to the layperson.

Today, we will summarise this essay with additional thinking, so that you may learn more about the fascinating topic of Metacognition.

The Context

Is expertise disadvantageous — especially when it comes to experts from multiple domains collaborating with each other?

Ultimately, that is the question that members of the cognitive sciences and psychology industries have attempted to answer with this and other papers.


Creating a welcoming experience for students is one of the key challenges when starting a session. Equally important is the initiation of a virtual classroom. Studies have shown that schools and universities with a positive learning environment help students become more successful.

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There are plenty of community building techniques that are already in use in traditional classrooms. These have been part of teacher education for some time now. But do not make the mistake using the same techniques without adaptation to your online classes — especially in this time.

Make your students feel welcome is the “new normal”.

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As classrooms around the world usher in modernity and indeed, the future of education, teachers everywhere are grappling with the new hybrid teaching model — blending online and offline elements to support inclusion of the students who can’t be physically present — and seeking support.

The purpose of this article is to create a useful resource for teachers, lecturers, seminar tutors and other educators who need a helping hand coming to terms with this new way of teaching. So we’ll be looking at a more practical approach to designing your hyflex model today.

What is “normal”?

The education experience, from the earliest age…

You might be being stupid productively

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Human beings are not perfect.

No individual possesses knowledge of all domains.

The same is true for teachers.

Nearly every teacher has experienced or will experience it at some time or other: you receive a tricky or unexpected question from a student which you cannot instantly answer.

This then leads to the dawning emptiness and fear of not being taken seriously by the students and their peers, and not being seen as the ideal teacher and an ocean of knowledge.

In this scenario, it’s not as bad as it looks. Feeling stupidity is part of any teaching and research profession…

A Management Book in a Nutshell

Xenophon, Berlin, 1905 on Wikipedia

Would you believe me if I told you that in the ancient Greece subjects like household management, economy, agriculture, religion, politics, and education were already addressed by one of the greatest philosophers of all times?

That is right, Xenophon of Athens, who lived 430–354 BC, addressed such subjects in one of his works Oeconomicus and the best part, he somehow related all of the aspects mentioned above in one manuscript, or should I say, “a masterpiece”.

There are lots of philosophers who talk about these concepts, but in my opinion, none of them talks about and corelates one to the…


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