The Poetry Between Us

The Chemistry

She has the most indefinite shade of "Those are the most beautiful eyes I have seen"

She calls me a lair, a sweet talker, a re-incarnation of a modern day Romeo but that's bogus- if you asked me,

She has braided kind of hair, a picture perfect Monalisa smile and a birthmark underneath her ear lobe- like she put it there.

She never stops staring, it's kind of strange but I like it, and you can see her emotions swim right in her tears,

It's clear she likes me but doesn't know how to say it because-

I- Don't,

You can tell by the way she embraces the one part of what's left of me,

A beating heart trapped in contraption with signs that read different warnings-

Because the last thing on my mind is getting that thing touched.

I grab her by the hand and make her feel the security I have always needed and she grips it,

I tell her to picture this, an eifel tower selfie and a post that reads " I'd fight to the end if superman tried to steal you away from me."

She kisses me on the forehead just where I like it,

laughs hard and says "You wouldn't stand a chance." That's cute anyway.

She's always day dreaming about us being together even in her sleep,

And am trying to avoid it because I know how the most fragile part of us will creep underneath our skin,

Cut through the flesh of whatever makes us human and leave us bleeding.

She asks me why the hell do I make her smile then- if I wanted no part of it,

I told her making people smile is what I do best.

Now am hoping we grow stronger together but her emotions are keeping me at a distance.

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