On avoiding murder and other felonies during break ups

Well fuck… There is no sure way to feel better that will surely work for everyone. It’s a fucking journey you have to take on your own. This is a bitch in itself. Here are two essential steps I have learned from heartbreak and helping others through it.

Step 1. Embrace the pain. Let it crush you. Rage, if you are angry. Feel everything that there is to feel, every single bit of misery and hopelessness. Cry a bathtub full of tears if you fucking need to. Do not try to grin and bear, the more thorough you are flushing your emotions out and draining them from your system, the sooner you will start to recover and regain a sense of self. Accept that you might be sad for a long time before you might start feeling better and often you might recede to a previous state of misery. You are not obligated to feel happy. You are not obligated to be strong or to prove to anyone that you are. Fuck those judgemental assholes. You can be selfish. Spend time with people that take your mind off things. Watch old favorite movies. Binge drink or eat. Be miserable for awhile, it’s important. This is done to prevent from never truly dealing with pain and continuously carrying it with you for years to come, if not the rest of your life. This is done, so you are not broken and distrustful if you ever wish to love again.

Step 2. Show respect to the other person, no matter what sort of dick they are or how fucked up they acted when you were together. Show respect on a basic human level, as you would to a bus driver you have never met. That means no “drive-bys”, no drunk texts, ABSOLUTELY NO following them around, no emotional parting with their belonging by burning them or throwing them in the front yard etc, etc. If they have hurt or damaged you, the best thing you can do for yourself is to rid them from your life. Liberate yourself from their toxic influence. They probably still deserve to live, but it’s best if it’s way the fuck away from you.

Step 3. When all else fails, fuck it.

Originally published at profaneinspiration.tumblr.com.