On importance of having a shitty job

Well fuck…

You need that shit job. I fucking swear you do. Trust me on this. I think we are way too concerned with wasting our time when in truth nothing is truly a waste of time. You learn way more from making mistakes and shitty jobs than you ever from getting something right the first time around. We all want that first job out of college to be a reward for working so hard for something for so long, unfortunately, in life, there isn’t a “reward lever” that you get to pull anytime that you feel like you deserve a treat. Also, you are not a fucking hamster.

There is importance in having shit jobs. In fact, once you have a shit job you realize, every other job you have after is like having a delicious ice cream sundae after you have been chewing on six-day-old-stale-rice out of your roommate’s rice cooker. You appreciate the nice things a lot more, that you might have taken for granted, like not having a lime disease. (If you already have lime disease, well fuck man, hats off and hearts out to you, mate).

One of the most important things you can learn from a shit job is the ability to recognize when you are getting fucked (not in a good way). In life, this damn skills will save you so much fucking time. So next time you find yourself in a similar situation where you are underpaid, angry and mistreated, you have a quick ability to realize that you are getting fucked over again. And you say to yourself: “Not this shit again” and you do something about it.

You need that shit job. I think we are conditioned to think that life is the rainbow road (BUT IF YOU PLAY MARIO KART THAT SHIT IS DICK HARD) and you should only subjugate yourself to the best of the best. Sadly, that shit doesn’t build character as well. Having a shit job raises your confidence. It makes you hate people. It makes you work harder than you ever did in your life just to fucking get out of there. Need motivation to go back to school? Work in the shitty service industry. Want to learn how to meditate and conflict resolve? Work a shitty customer service job. Want to learn how stand up for yourself, negotiate a salary and how to be a better manager than that cunt that schedules you to do inventory after jury duty? Have a shitty boss! (don’t worry there is a fucking abundance).

Everyone has a starting point, and if yours is really shitty, embrace it. It will only make you better and stronger if you give it a chance. You are a beautiful dandelion, use the shit in your life as a fertilizer.

Originally published at profaneinspiration.tumblr.com.