On the importance of reading shitty books.

Well fuck…

This might sound strange, but we seem to live in a world where everyone has the top notch opinion of fucking quality. Drop that shitty, gas station coffee you bought to keep yourself awake! You should be drinking Costa Rican “La Minita” or at least from a privately-owned-smelly-couch-coffeeshop owned by your local college-dropout-hipster. People eat “organic” (but seriously, the only way you are not eating organic if you are like eating fucking soap or something), grass-fed, free-range… Watch critically acclaimed shows and foreign movies about struggles of underprivileged youth to make themselves seem like better people. The truth is, the fucking “my body’s a temple” people, need to be sent off to a fucking temple, so they can sit on their sterile, hygienic floors and discuss quality like bourgeois aristocrats they pretend to be.

And then comes along this idea, very similar. Like your mind is this precious virgin island, where the environment will get polluted by sickly and stupid ideas and the precious, colorful Macaw birds of creativity will die off and you will be stuck recycling the same cliche shit, over and over again. I have heard, “Don’t read ’50 Shades of Grey’ it’s awful it will ruin your writing” on so many fucking occasions, it is like I’m a catholic schoolgirl learning about “the dangers of bodily sin”. I will admit this: I HAVE READ TWILIGHT. The only possible time in my life that could have happened was a summer between high school and college before I had any real appreciation of good literature. Well fuck, that book gave me perspective on quality. Nothing makes you appreciate quality like a shitty book and a shitty movie, with no continuity, with a poor plot, with wish-fulfilling unrealistic characters. I’m telling you, nothing makes you grow a pair of critical eyes than shitty things that are not done well. So read shitty books, enjoy them! Do not feel like you are obligated to make yourself a better human being with everything you read. You will see things in other people’s writing that are flawed and therefore it will make you improve on your own, that is how you develop a taste. Fuck being excellent all the time.