Quick tips on navigating a shitstorm called life

Tip #2 “Make Noise”

Well, fuck. We often back away from expressing our fucking opinions. Terrified like a mother of retaliation or confrontation. Stuck in our skin, muffle and unsure of ourselves. When it comes to art we shy away from criticism and judgement and hide our sketches in notebooks where no one can see them. We skip karaoke events because we are afraid our voice will break and miss out on opportunities to get to know others. Quietly, we often live in fear of standing proud as ourselves and showing our fucking edges and gradients.

Make noise.

Not just to be heard or noticed but because life isn’t about going about things smoothly and being nice to everyone. It’s not about agreeing with people and nodding away when you have something to say. It about exploring your damn self and pushing yourself to where you learn all the great parts and the asshole parts. Make noise, do not be afraid that someone will echo back, you do not live in a fucking fish tank. Embrace the opposition that you might find, when you start being your loud damn self. You will find like-minded people who will hear your noise as music and will shout back, inspired by your courage. 
Start art movements. Print propaganda. Spread rumours about yourself and your various accomplishments. Kiss recklessly. Kiss and tell. Fuck some shit up. 
Do not let yourself be a whisper of a person.
Make. Fucking. Noise.

Originally published at profaneinspiration.tumblr.com.