Quick tips on navigating a shitstorm called life

Tip #1
“Being Ok with Discomfort”

Well, fuck. The first tip that I shall discuss the ability to grin and bear through many situations in your life that you will find “uncomfortable” and/or “unpleasant” or otherwise shitty and often find amusement in them. One of most fucking common things that people find “discomforting” is a sense of uncertainty. Life is often played out like a rigged game of jeopardy, you often have to have answers ready even before you know what questions were asked of you, otherwise often you quite literally, lose money. You probably felt the pain previously, at graduations, at thanksgiving dinners, after going through a breakup or getting fired from a job, people around you will put a shit-ton of pressure on you by asking you a simple question:“What’s next?” No one likes feeling shitty or having to have to listen to your relatives “pep-talk” from hell about that whore cousin of yours, who graduated with honors and is now a real estate agent and you-should-be-more-like-them-aren’t-they-so-successful? Blahbedy. Fucking. Blah. 
Why don’t we just ever answer: “I don’t know”. Why is no one ever ok with that?
Why are people so terrified of you ending up like your “uncle Jeff” who never did anything in his life and still lives with his mom at the age of 45? (Uncle Jeff is actually really happy btw, has a bitching taste in music and probably got more laid than all of your family members put together). He is an outlier and they know that statistically you will not end up having a life identical to his.
You will spend most of your life not knowing (although we like to pretend otherwise) and getting accustomed to that and feeling comfortable in it will liberate you from a lot of stress. It is fucking ok to tell people that you are figuring things out, that your love life is a “work in progress” and you are not sure of who you are or what you want but you god damn know that you are bright as a fucking lightbulb and you will get there. 
Beyond the pain unknowing, there are many other periods of your life you will find discomforting. You might find yourself waiting in between transitions. You might find yourself in awkward situations. You might find yourself exhausted and beaten down by friendships or personal relationships. Just remember that discomfort is a normal, unavoidable part of life and once you accept it as a temporary state it will no longer scare you or control you. Everything in life changes, whether it is for better or worse is less of importance. The biggest lie you will every hear is that “whatever happens, happens for the better”, because sometimes you when everything seemed perfect you get really fucked. The key is that you should never put past yourself the ability to handle anything coming your way. You can adapt to the change, master the adversity and come out on top. Look at you, tough weed you. You burst through concrete if you need to. You can grow in a desert. You can be a tumbleweed with no roots and roll through life like a badass motherfucker.

Originally published at profaneinspiration.tumblr.com.