The Artist Manifesto

What is freedom? Can we see it, wear it, taste it— inject it? Can we buy it? Can we buy our destiny, our future? How do we, the leaders of tomorrow, see tomorrow? Are we free…really?

Over a hundred years have passed since the advent of Futurism, and here we stand, yet again, planting the seeds of Armageddon. Cultural apocalypse; post-modernity; post-apocalypse— here, we buy souls and manufacture love!

Kill me— a thousand times over, kill me, so I can sing again! Today’s language is not the language of politics, the preachers, the followers, the teachers. We…desire to desire to desire. Our bodies are dead and broken, surviving on a fog machine. Cars and planes are Yesterday’s playthings.

Our revolution lies in the visual arts, the performance arts— in celebrating a marriage between Dreams and Reality. We speak not in verses but in images and symbols; our vision, sharpened in the brightness of dark rooms— we don’t foresee the future, we live the future.

The media is our new voice, our Frankenstein— and through it we shall conquer the Past. This is the Manifesto of a Post-Modern Futurist, and I announce a reintroduction of futurist art in film, music and literature:

  1. Films are the language of the future; we must let our art flow through this precious medium and allow every individual around the world the opportunity to abandon tradition.
  2. We must allow futurist ideals to seep into our music and rekindle the flames of revolution that now lie dormant.
  3. Futurist art has a sacred place in literature, and what are we but uncultured for not celebrating its continuing legacy? Today exists because of our futuristic vision of Tomorrow, and I declare a celebration of the Future in writing and theater— to reimagine our future so we can burn the pages of history books and rewrite our destiny.

Our lives are ours to live! To live passively is to grow fond of the shackles that enslave us. Wemust remember: hate is not the opposite of love, for the opposite of Love is Apathy! If we want to liveagain, we must put our feelings on screen, in writing, in music and revive a society that is on the brink ofcultural collapse.

By : Taylor Pam — Fine Artist — Photographer — Designer

Taylor Pam is a Boston certified artist whose work can be found at and

© 2014 Claretta Taylor Pam

Inspired by the Manifesto of Futurism by F. T. Marinetti

(previously published at

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