Before you think that this is a post about how to deal with bodily fluids (maybe it is, haha), this is just my way of contributing to an otherwise toxic discussion.

The level of discourse regarding Philippine politics is appalling. There are contortions, half-truths, myths, etc but given the choices among so-called lesser evils, we really deserve better.

Regarding presentation of facts and opinions, with the former (or lack of it) in charge of shaping the latter, let’s take a moment to realize what’s the difference between the two.

US Sen. Patrick Moynihan (D-NY, best known as Hillary’s three decade seat-warmer) is attributed to one of the best quotes in politics that says (some version of) “you are entitled to your own opinions, not to your own facts”. By its very nature, no single opinion is objectively better than the next.

It might also be helpful to think of opinions as like the color candies in an M&M bag. Some of us are so obsessed the yellow ones; some would have taste senses like Wolverine’s that they claim the red tastes different from the blue. We can say we like (or hate) one color or the other and argue, but we can’t objectively say that one is better than the other colors.

My smart brother tried to make-dekwat some of his kid’s Skittles not knowing some where M&M’s. He paid a very dear price.

At the end of it all, one phrase sums it up for us. Napipilitan tayong lumunok sa halip na dapat tayong dumura. So remember, the next time you have the chance, #spitdontswallow