How a chance online meeting led to the fulfillment of a dream

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One of the many Slack instances I’m part of (Tech256) used to have a karma bot based on the Lita platform and thus the Ruby programming language. In addition to doling out or taking away karma, it would also welcome people to our community based on a trigger and would respond to a few well-chosen phrases.

Unfortunately, our little community exceeded the resources available to us on a free-tier Heroku instance.

The bot would start and immediately crash. From the crash logs, we determined that the bot was trying to load all of the users that were ever a part…

Hello my name is badge
Hello my name is badge
Eviatar Bach [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons


Once upon a time, I was new to the internet. I happen to like film scores–that is to say, the underscore of a film, i.e. music that is composed for the film, not the needle drop music.

I found a website called SchpydurX¹ written by a guy who went by the handle of DJ Thresher. The site streamed random tracks from movie scores 24/7. As a user, you could request 2 tracks every 30 minutes.

One day, typing in the web address didn’t resolve the website anymore. I was devastated at the loss of “my” community!

I went on the…

“Got a hammer?”

A friend of mine recently told me that she was planning on attending trade school to become a plumber.

I’ve always known this friend from a distance–we’ve known each other from other blogging platforms for about a decade and only keep in touch occassionally.

Going through my emails and feeds, I came across this answer to the Quora question What is the furthest you’ve seen somebody reach to be offended at something?

The answer linked to above tells the story of how a tradesman was in a hardware store–I presume in either Britain or Australia–when he overheard a mom and…

Don’t drive drunk. Call a tow truck. Photo © CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

I remember the first time I had champagne. I was young, barely legal and had never imbibed the bubbly beverage — on New Year’s Eve or otherwise. Wanting to experience the celebratory beverage for the first time, I discovered that the local pool hall was providing champagne free of charge when the clock struck midnight.

It was then I also discovered something else gratis: free towing on New Year’s Even within a five mile radius compliments of AAA–even for non-memebers.

Living the high life of a bachelor, it just so happened that my apartment was within towing distance. So that…

To end a toxic relationship in which I hadn’t experienced solid skill growth, I resigned my position with a company for whom I had worked over eight years. I have, therefore, been unemployed for the past two months by choice.

This was not an easy choice to make. I didn’t have any job prospects then and I don’t have any job prospects now. I have five year’s experience writing automated acceptance tests in Java for web applications. But I’m still a semester away from completing my degree.

During the course of this degree, I took two photography courses that I…

For his birthday, I gave my father three sexually transmitted diseases.


The Story

This all started a year or two ago in a mostly benign way.

A co-worker of mine had been given some very interesting gifts, among which was a “petri dish” of the common cold and a miniature of the flesh-eating disease. …

I use a concierge service called Magic. Their unique selling proposition (term compliments of Cyber Writing: How to Promote Your Product or Service Online (Without Being Flamed)) is “if it’s legal in the United States, we’ll make it happen.”

Several weeks ago, I had Magic perform a service for me that I plan to write about at a later date. I can tell you now, however, that it involved tracking down some books.

I wasn’t satisfied with one of the books they had found for me (spine problems), so last week I asked them to find another copy to my…

Two or three years ago, Dad showed me an amazing set of books: five, blue cloth-like volumes written by Frank H. Simonds; this was History of the World War. That there is no indication of which world war should be a clue: the set is about the First World War. In fact, the series was written by Simonds during the war, but according to the preface, Simonds, an American, wasn’t able to start writing about the war until 1917 for security/political reasons. (This was a gag that was imposed on all authors and journalists if I understand the situation correctly…

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