“Plays Well With Others”
Dave McClure

Dave, happy to see you called Bullshit on Sam’s post. I had it on my list to do today, so now I can just sit and watch football all day :-)

That post (and like many of his) is totally self serving and as you mention does a disservice to entrepreneurs and other accelerators. Obviously, for competitive reasons with other accelerators, he’s welcome to sell YC. However, what he doesn’t mention in that YC is a total “sink or swim” atmosphere and if you aren’t one of the cool kids in the batch, your chances of success are much lower than if you went through a different accelerator or no accelerator. I’ve met with many YC companies that felt like they were sold a bill of goods, weren’t able to raise money coming out of YC, received little support during or post program. These companies are now tainted because everyone knows they went through YC and weren’t one of the stars.

If your goal is to have a shot at being a rocketship, YC is a great way to go. However, like all aspects of being an entreprenur, there are many paths and one size definitely doesn’t fit all!

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