Types of hair transplant surgery

  • FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction ) is a method of extracting hair grafts from hair bearing skin and transplanting them into bald area of the patient.
  • FUT ( Follicular Unit Transplant ) is a method in which cluster of hair are removed from donor area using a strip and implemented into the bald area.
  • Mesotherapy is a technique of diminishing problems like excess weight, cellulite, body contouring and face/neck rejuvenation in your body. It contains vitamins, types of FDA approved medicines and minerals which are injected directly into the treated area.
  • BHT ( Body Hair Transplant ) is a method of transplanting hair to your scalp from a chest , arms and legs. You can even transplant hair from pubic area.
  • Robotic Hair Transplant is advanced FUE method in which ARTAS Robotic System is used. It automatically transplants follicular hair grafts in unparalleled precision.


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