An Education System Poised for Change

On the Profiles Series, audiences are seeing some of the latest news about parts of America that touch most everyone. Our educational system is one of those parts of American life, and the TV program is working on more reporting about how teachers are preparing students for an information based world.

New Technology to Help Students Learn

In these new reports, audiences are seeing how teachers are using technology in the classroom to give students new ways to learn. New software is giving students new ways to engage their subjects, and it is also giving them ways to learn on their own terms with the ways that they find most effective.

Giving Students a Helping Hand

Another important role teachers are playing is to help students who need assistance in the classroom. Teachers are now getting better training to help them identify students with learning disabilities. By identifying these students early, teachers can work with parents and learning specialists to help find new ways to reach these students that helps cater to their strengths, helping them find greater success in the classroom.

Profiles Series Productions is a leader in producing insightful reporting that touches on the issues that are important to audiences. The changing landscape in today’s educational system is a reflection of emerging challenges that are reshaping how we prepare students for the future.