Diamond in the Norm

Often You are standing in silence at my side

And I ignore this diamond in the norm

Preconceived perceptions of how You should appear

Can blind me to Your unpretentious form

I have expectations and places I pursue

To gain the precious knowledges I seek

Those who do not measure my standards are passed by

Continually because I miss the meek

Entertaining angels is often unawares

When messengers from heaven for my aid

Are not recognized, for the earthly shadows seem

To blot these gentle presences away

When I get to Glory and ev’rything’s laid bare

I think that I will drop my jaw and gasp

At the revelation of just how close You were

Within the confines of each day that passed

Open my sight daily, O Lord, so I receive

The kindnesses Your Spirit brings to me

Don’t let pride, impatience, and selfishness obscure

Love’s treasures that surround so gen’rously

Help me humbly notice the details of Your care

In ev’ry person I meet while alive

Never overlooking a single one that’s there

And treating them as I would You, My Christ

Rebecca A Hutchings


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