Waves of the Sea

Born midst ocean’s storms we joined with others in its swells

Carried by the winds for miles ’neath clouds we rose and fell

Often under thunderings, but silently as well

Driven over denizens whose depths could have touched hell.

Warmed by sun, reflecting moon and stars like many jewels

Constantly accompanied by those who swam in schools

Steadily our paths were set by Him Who made the rules

Destined for God’s glory, and content to be His tools.

Breezes danced upon our mantles, to their tunes we played

Bearing easily the crafts we met along the way

Visitors from heaven often came to us and ate

Joyfully we shared our treasures as an act of praise.

Soon we fastened on our goal and rushed to meet the shore

Tum’bling waters happily until there were no more

Quickly covering the sands as those who came before

Leaving only whitened foams behind of slips we wore.

Beckie Hutchings


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