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All it takes is a leap of faith in yourself!

Not all that long ago, my girlfriend Tara — (well, soon to be fiancé, Shhhh… she doesn’t know yet) said to me, “I’m always impressed with how you set goals and then achieve them Dennis, but what I don’t get is why you set them so low when you know how great you can be.” Baaaam, now that hit me like a right-cross from Rocky Marciano! The truth hurts, because it is true.

Some might think it too personal to share, but I think it is precisely the sort of thing one should be open about. In that vulnerability lies the key to improvement and reinvention. I use myself as the example, but merely because you and I are the same in so many regards. …


Dennis Quartermane

Dennis Quartermane is the President of Profound Placement and the driving force behind returning the high touch experience to recruiting!

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