Societal Shift of Sexuality

I was born in Los Angeles in 1963 into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormon). I’ve traveled all over the world, but for other than about a year, I’ve lived my whole life in Southern California. I left the Mormon church in the mid-eighties but came back to it in 2012. What I’m about to say is my observations on what I’ve seen a change in society with regard to human sexuality, marriage. I’m not saying (for the most part) that they are bad or good, but trying to take a 30,000-foot view of how we got where we are today. Also, a bit of a caveat so I don’t have to say it repeatedly throughout this article; what I’m about to say does not apply to all people, at all times and in all situations, these are general statements that you can safely assume don’t apply to everything. The narrative flow might not be as smooth as I would like as there are a number of topics that run in parallel, but stick with me.

The cause du jour a few years ago was gay marriage, which is now the law of the land. Personally, I don’t think the government should be involved in marriage at all, it is ridiculous that you have to get a form and pay a fee to the government to get married. There shouldn’t be anything about marriage in the tax code or in social financial programs from the government. It is social engineering, but with that said, I was absolutely certain that the next “cause” was going to be polygamy. Being Mormon, this is a topic I know something about, my church practiced it from 1852 to 1890, it wasn’t widely practiced, it was a specific “calling” in the church, but I don’t want to get into the details, you can read them here. There are some interesting facts about the end of polygamy at the time. First, the Utah Territory under Mormon leadership had given women the right to vote, a right they didn’t have in the United States. The conditions of statehood required that women LOSE the right to vote, the Mormon church did away with polygamy and that marriage was defined between one man and one woman. Yes, a condition of Utah’s statehood was that marriage would be defined as one man and one woman. I don’t know that this was ever addressed with the nationwide approval of gay marriage.

So, the polygamists were lined up and ready to file their lawsuits after gay marriage went through the supreme court because Chief Justice Roberts had said (paraphrasing) that all that mattered was love between two people. To my mind, this sets a weird precedence, because if “love” is the determining factor, then why not love between 3 or more people? Love between a man and his car or horse? I know it sounds silly, but remember, the bar is “love”. A funny thing happened on the way to the lawsuits though and that was Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to say the original name now, that is an action called “deadnaming”, but I knew Bruce when I was a kid, my dad was very involved with the Olympics and he had been to our house to dinner a few times as I recall. Anyway, this one very high profile person changed the entire course of the “cause” and the polygamists were tossed aside, it was going to be a tough argument anyway, and ironically, the Mormons were persecuted for practicing polygamy and then they’d probably get persecuted for NOT allowing polygamy.

Look through your own memory banks and see how the news has changed to an overwhelming amount of coverage of trans people, use of pronouns, language police for misgendering or deadnaming someone. Inventions of all new words that people are supposed to remember for every person, and if you don’t, well by golly, you will be made to care or you will lose your job or business or be kicked out of school if you can’t follow the new and ever-changing rules. We are now told there are an unknown number of genders, but really there is XX or XY and in some very rare cases you have something like “intersex” (formerly known as hermaphrodite, but still XX or XY) or Klinefelter syndrome (XXY about .05% of the population) or even some more X’s or Y’s, but that gets super rare. In the case of Klinefelter, you will see some advocates in the trans community mention this a lot, but it mostly presents as a slightly feminine male and it often goes undiagnosed.

Jumping back to the ’70s, we had the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) that kept floating around the states and getting rejected. We talked about this in my high school psych class, we had some budding feminists that were all over it and so the teacher asked them to present and make the case. Much of what they presented was around equal pay for equal work, which absolutely should happen and does now (the pay gap is a myth, it looks at groups of people over time and overall pay instead of specific jobs and pay scales at the jobs). The draft had recently been reinstated by President Carter at the time and so the teacher asked if they wanted to be drafted, they said no. He asked if they wanted boys in their locker rooms, they said no. What about their girl specific gyms? Well of course not they replied. So they had ignored almost everything about the ERA other than one topic. At this same time we were seeing more and more men's clubs, gyms, etc., getting shut down so women could join, but then women specific clubs and gyms were opening and it was fine to exclude the men. Yes, it was a double standard.

Now we have incidents like this video where people now feel entitled to be as horrible as possible because they are part of a protected class. Ironically, the feminists who are embracing the T part of the LGBT community haven’t seemed to realize yet that what is happening is biological males are taking over the female-dominated sports and programs. We have persons that were born male winning beauty pageants and women of the year awards, and going into female sports where they dominate because even with hormones, someone with XY chromosomes is going to have significantly more testosterone than someone with XX chromosomes. Those that I know that comprise the L part of the acronym really don’t care for the male to female T part of it, because they are invading their space now.

Remember when I mentioned the ERA amendment and the things we found ridiculous about it in the ’70s? Well, here we are now, just say you identify as a gender and you get to go in their bathroom or locker room, this is happening in high schools, in department stores like Target, everywhere. I feel sorry for the women using these gender-neutral bathrooms now because men leave quite a mess in there. The Boy Scouts are going to declare bankruptcy and have lawsuits going on because they decided to let the girls join. What was going to be forced on people against their will by the government, is now being forced on them against their will by the activist mob.

Now something I noticed, as I have five kids, is they keep going younger and younger in the schools in telling kids about drugs, smoking, and sex, and now they are having drag queen story time and the UK is going to teach children that boys can have periods too. In my own school district, they are pushing through what most parents feel is a pretty radical sex education program that promotes early sexual participation, glamorizing the sexualization of kids and promoting a far left agenda with regard to biology. This is far beyond anything that the schools should be getting involved with, which should be limited to strict biology. But, to the point of what I noticed is that the younger and younger they go with the education, the younger and younger the kids go with the experimentation because they are now aware of it, which causes the education system to feel that they need to go even younger, not realizing that the kids are trying this stuff younger, because they are telling them about it younger. Let kids be kids.

What percentage of the population fit into the LGBT rainbow? Well, I asked my kids this question about 5 years ago, and based on what they got from media, TV, school, etc., they thought it was around 30%. When I told them it was closer to 3% at that time, they were surprised, but that is the level of push that is going on in this societal segment. It really got moving with the TV show Will & Grace, but now you watch any show on the WB, or just about any show in general, and there is usually a large over-representation. Basically, the B is included to bump the numbers up of the group, of the appx. 4% of the population in the LGBT rainbow now, about half of that is B, and that counts anyone who ever had a same-sex encounter even once. There is a concerted attempt to add more and more demographics to the group to make the numbers larger. Then, within that group, there is a fair number of people who end up there from sexual abuse as a child or young adult.

One of my sisters was a tomboy when she was young because she was 18 months younger than me and wanted to do everything with me and my friends. She wanted to be a boy so bad at that time, just so she would be accepted as one of the boys, not because she felt she was a male. Today they would put her on hormones and have her pick a new name and ruin her life. She went on to get married, have kids and grandkids and loves nothing more than being a mother and grandmother, it’s one of her greatest joys. Let kids be kids.

We are tearing ourselves apart as a society right now, we have groups that insist you care about them and their feelings, and then at the same time not caring about you or your feelings if they run counter and therefore you are evil and “other”. Extreme tribalism is creating a level of toxicity that has the vast majority of people who are just trying to earn a living and live their lives just checking out of society. This is how you end up having huge surprises in elections or other aspects of your lives. People are afraid to speak up in public now, and by making everyone afraid to speak, you push their thoughts underground and you don’t know how people feel about a topic now, they won’t tell you. The power to offend lies with the person being offended. If you choose to not be offended, then you have taken back your power. By allowing yourself to be offended by any small utterance, you become a perpetual victim and live in a joyless state. If you find you are one of these people, maybe spend a summer working on a farm and resetting your perspective. Blocking traffic or screaming at people with a different point of view isn’t going to change them to your cause. Hashtag activism accomplishes virtually nothing other than to hurt people, not help. Want to make a change? Create the technology, raise the funds, pick up the trash; actually DO something specific and let’s make 2019 a unifying time, look for ways to connect instead of alienate.