A big turn Around for me….#Day4

I tag this day a big turn around because a lot really changed in me….Having been working on the Andelab i had done some exercises successfully the previous day but i was not really happy because i felt i haven't done enough, but to my surprise God Change a lot for me in a day(#TheGraceEffect), on my way to Andela in the morning, while still in the traffic i was just brain storming on a particular lab solution (the Arithmetic Progression) and i was so happy that i could implement the code on paper correctly. When i got to andela i implemented the code correctly and just like magic it worked, the joy i felt in me was so in-measurable.

I had also notice something, staying alone(not collaborating) was not making me improve, so i changed my seating position and to my wildest surprise i was even a source of help to people around me. You never know what you have a times until you exploit it. The soft skill also done was so exciting and helpful The “Zoom”, “Schwartz”, and “Brefigliano”. Believe me it was fun and helpful.

Having started my day with a lot of confidence and assurance i coded all day beyond expectation, i coded with more insight and now i see the importance of working with a team, it challenges you to be at your best. At a point the trainers thought i was getting help with my code but the fact remains that i was just getting motivation by people around me, and i could explain my code with ease.

Finally the food for thought given was the particular problem i had, how to improve solution speed, I know i am improving already and i wont stop improving until i become an”Extraordinary Programmer”….#IAmP.O.L #BootCampDay4 #JesusFreak #ItsAllAboutHisGrace

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