Thank You For Being A Customer (Customer Appreciation Strategy 101)

The smallest details can make a world of difference when it comes to finding creative ways to make more money and increasing retention amongst customers.

Most of the people involved here at Project 100 has seen this play out more then a few times.

I personally watched a restaurant chain grow 18% in both total sales and customer retention when applying the principles Im about to share with you. I also will never forget reading about the impact Gary Vaynerchucks “customer appreciation tactic” had on wine library PR & customer success/happiness!

As companies grow, many things start happening. When building and maintaining a strong reputation many don’t take into account how much effort it is to keep your consumers happy! Most owners and executives focus on product, marketing, internal politics .. where the focus should be on two areas (employees #1 / customers #2). Now since the goal of all brands is to increase awareness, revenue, consistency .. I think it would be beneficial to speak on how to increase those variables while also showing you how focus on the second most impactful part of your current and future success!

Employee Culture

Your corporate culture today can make or break the success of your organization. Most executives understand at a theoretical level the importance but taking practical steps towards increasing the overall organizations profitability through company culture tactics seems to not carry as much weight! Now many of you might be thinking how does taking employee culture affect my bottom line?

  1. Loving your employees more then they love you helps! As a leader if you can manage to go the extra mile, show your tribe you care about them, you care about their goals, and show them that you are willing to put things in place to help find success with the company a few things will occur. Developing that bond and trust will increase each and every employees creativity, passion and overall work ethic/perspective towards the brand. These variables are directly correlated to an increase of potential revenue. (Employees may spend extra time away from the office coming up with new ideas that can help marketing or product efforts. Some employees may feel that due to their level of love and passion for the brand they feel obligated to share small details that may very well make or break a certain process or product roll out) Both examples can dramatically impact the potential increased success!

Customer Apperaction 2.0

I think its fair to say that without a customer base you don’t have a business, or a successful one at that. Now their are a few goals you should have with your customer base no matter the size.

  1. Find ways to keep the customer/keep them happy
  2. Find ways to increase the number of times the customer shops with your brand
  3. Find ways to increase how much your customers spend

Lets jump into the 3 goals!

  1. Customer Retention is a must! Staying on top of the latest trends and tools that can help drive customer retention is a must! Tools that can help drive results through email marketing, tools that will help you understand your customers online buying patterns and habits better.
  2. About 5 months ago we helped a restaurant chain create a system/data base that helped track the orders made from new and consistent customers. They tracked the meals purchased, prices, and times .. thus when they went about conducting there FaceBook and email marketing disciplines they were able to retarget each consumers favorite meals which correlates to overall consumer happiness and trust!
  3. By putting together systems where you learn more about the wants/desires of your consumers it will be easier to successfully execute marketing disciplines that are based around up selling!

There are so many different directions a company can take. But if you focus on remembering the two ideas above, good things can happen.